September 19, 2016

Book Review: Vizag Blue by Anil CS Rao

Vizag Blue

Author: Anil CS Rao
Rating: 3.5/5

“Different is good”, and that applies to Vizag Blue so well. A graphic novella is what caught my attention. Unlike the usual novellas that come with a package of drama, emotions and thrill, this book not only has a strong story-line but also aids in picturing the events well.

The story throws spotlight on Kalpana’s life and her short moments of zoning out. She is a patient in a mental asylum but there are ‘her moments’ when she finds herself alone with her love interest. When back to the reality, the four walls of the asylum seem to suffocate her.

The animation and graphics are good but not perfect. I did not like the blend of real faces with the anime one. Also, the incorrect grammar, missing words and other errors with the dialogues in the box can put the reader in a black mood.

The conceptualization is creative but without proper refining of the content the books is more like the cake not worth the candle.

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