August 25, 2016

Can I or can I not write fables?

Kavya was a good girl. Her mother was also a sweet woman, who adored and admired her daughter very much. But it was Kavya’s father, who did not appreciate his daughter’s efforts in anything. Be it studies or social activities, her father always taunted her and expected a lot more from her. Her mother had taught her to always do the right thing and that was the reason why Kavya was so helpful and trustworthy. She never lied. And this made her more determined towards her actions.

One day, when Kavya was riding her bicycle to the school, she collided with a small boy who looked famished. Her immediate instinct forced her to get down from her cycle and help the boy get up. She tried to ask him whether or not he had got hurt. Not getting any reply, she put her hand in her left pocket, took out 15 rupees that her mother had given her for food, and handed the money to the boy. “Go have some food,” she said. The boy hesitated at first, but the hunger forced him to take the money.

Kavya was happy; she had helped someone that day. She could not wait to tell this to her mother. But the scene was different at home. When her father heard about the incident, he was enraged and left Kavya alone in the room. “How could you waste money on unknown people?” he shouted, “To whom were you showing off? You won’t get an award for being this nice”. All Kavya could do, was cry her eyes out.

Next day, while returning from school, Kavya tripped from her bicycle and fell on the ground. To her dismay, the chain of the bicycle had come out. However much efforts she put, she could not put it back. It was getting dark and Kavya was afraid. There was no one to call for help as there were no shops or houses nearby. When Kavya had lost all hopes and was crying, a boy came to help her. He was the same boy whom Kavya had helped the other day. Kavya’s happiness was visible on her face. She reached home safely and narrated the incident to her mother and father. This time her father did not scold her. Instead, he patted her back and hugged her.

Moral: Do the right thing even when no one is looking.

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