August 24, 2016

Book Review: Kaleidoscope- Colours of Life by Inderjit Kaur

Kaleidoscope- Colours of life

Author: Inderjit Kaur
Rating: 2.5/5

Patience helps you endure all the troubles and issues that bother you. When you reach a stage, where the only remaining option is to release the things that are clinging on to you and pause your life, you feel enlightened and feel the positive impact of the change, and you no longer see yourself a victim of life.

Kaleidoscope – Colours of Life is a tapestry of inspiring stories, suggestive poignant thoughts and ideologies that serve as a guide in every stage of life. Interlaced with threads of experiences of life and the lessons learnt from them, the book depicts seven inspiring stories weaved into the magnificent array of a rainbow. Charting the various shades of life, the book further highlights the ups and downs of each of the characters, who are embedded here as a metaphor for a rainbow, in the patio of a plethora of circumstances.

By sharing wisdom, experiences and insights, Kaleidoscope – Colours of Life intends to deliver a message that will inspire and empower the readers to sense happiness and contentment, and help them to navigate life as a truly confident individual.

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My opinion
The overall concept of the book is nice. The cover is catchy and the title also suits the purpose.

The font (size and style) is fine and the layout is neat. The blurb has such exemplary vocabulary that the readers might develop that urge to turn the pages and read what is written. The stories have an amalgamation of personal experience and an added note by the author. The attempt is to capitalize on the same idea and try to make readers understand the complexities of life.

But the positivity of the content is neutralized by the drawbacks:

·       There text is grammatically incorrect. Time and again the readers can spot incorrect tense usage, for example:
Page 4: “With spiritual songs being played in the background, the mesmerizing aroma of incense sticks encompassing the place, and sun rays percolating through the window pane like a halo, which produced a majestic setup of the tiny workshop.” Here the –ing form makes the sentence sound incomplete.

Page 5: I found his visiting card in a pocket of your bag and couldn’t help asking about it. Him here would have been the correct pronoun.

Page 5: There is repetition of the same idea and that too using the exact words: I lost my wife and my son in an accident.

·       Some lines do not send across a clear meaning: “We can’t avoid these vulnerabilities when times reflect the meetings of friendship into betrayal.

·       The colons and semi- colons have been used incorrectly and that changes the meaning the of the sentences

·       The inclusion of personal ideas in between the ongoing story or narration breaks the flow of reading. Although the message being conveyed is powerful but the words/ sentences used to put it across lack lucidity

·       Every chapter lacks editing

·       Even in the last page which has the author introduction section, the text lacks proper punctuation (Full stop and capitalization)- Following are the links)

Overall, the concept of the book is appreciable but the lack of proper editing acts as negative factor.

PS: I would have given 03/05 but the mistakes put me in a black mood.

Overall, good effort by the author!

Best Wishes!

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