March 14, 2016

Book Review: Love Story? Seriously! by Shivi Pandey

Love story? Seriously!

Author: Shivi Pandey
Publisher: Petals Publishers
Rating: 2/5

“Love story? Seriously!” is a squishy love tale that introduces us to Samar, a young, enthusiastic lad who can best be described as a philanderer. The story is full of all the elements of entertainment- drama, love, hatred, lust, relations, decisions and introspection. Samar’s three failed love interests- Surbhi, Samriddhi and Sapna have a really important role in his life. What role do they play? Who does Samar end up with?

Grab your copy to get an insight into Samar’s life and the webbed trajectory that his life follows.

My opinion
‘Love story? Seriously!’ is a delightful love story or may be a normal story, which revolves around the young lover boy, Samar. The title of the book is baffling. It could have been better. The cover page is all right- restrained and subtle. I could not understand the requirement of the first paragraph of the blurb. It is a mere description of sunrise (set). Instead, the summary of the story could have been better. The font is apt and the language is lucid and understandable. I would like to compliment the author’s ability to present this piece of fiction in a language that can be understood by everyone. The organization of content is fine.

The story is fast paced. As the story unfolds, the anticipation level also increases. But the titles of the chapters are not catchy enough. The organization and placement of events in the story is fine. But the climax seemed absurd. I felt as if the urgent need to end the book made the author include the chapter titled ‘It occurred that night (somehow)’. The title is grammatically incorrect too. There is a difference in the usage of happened and occurred. In this case, happened would have sounded more appropriate. The focus on the ‘love-making’ scene and the description of intricate details of the action, drift off the theme to an erotica. The last few chapters could have been penned with more clarity of emotions and more logical (may be off beat) concept. One thing I would like to point out is that it is not important to highlight a cliffhanger with question tags. Even without the questions, the cliffhanger can be exposed to the readers such that they are forced to think again and again about it. I could not relate with the epilogue as well.

Another point I want to highlight is the use of ‘F’ word, which I do not appreciate. Such informal language should be limited to spoken English only. Time and again one can come across Bold and Italics font and the relevance of the same is not easy to figure out.

The book lacks proper editing and proofreading as one can encounter punctuation errors (tenses, wrong use of apostrophe), missing words, wrong formation of sentences- time and again. The author, amidst the events happening in the story, starts talking to himself and simultaneously starts explaining ‘things’ to the readers. That acts as a speed breaker and breaks the flow of reading.

Overall, a good effort by the author!

Best wishes!

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  1. Was trying to find if anyone has given an honest opinion on this book. Congratulations! I found none but you. Everyone is praising it so shamelessly..