March 14, 2016

Am I normal? Or is it the dreamer within that speaks?

There are times when you feel zoned out. There are times when you feel drifted; when you feel you are a part of their world- the world which you can call your own, the world which gives you a reason big enough to S. T. A. Y.

Yes, this might sound weird. Or it might even sound insane. But it is true. I feel it. Occasionally and often. I feel it. I dream about it. I empathize and I wish not to be drawn out to the stark reality.

It is not like any port in the storm but like the only port in the storm. Even though life is going on perfectly fine, there is a part within that wishes to be unleashed, to be set free and to be left alone to explore. I do not know what that it. Nor am I seeking for answers. I want to live it. Experience it. But is it really feasible to leave aside the life that we have and simultaneously live in a parallel world?
I think it is for I believe and I already do it.

This piece of music lures my mind to think beyond the horizon and introspect.

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