October 14, 2015

Book Review: Handshakes and Heartbreaks by Samir Zaidi

Handshakes and heartbreaks

Poet: Samir Zaidi
Genre: Poetry collection
Publishers: Cyberwit.net

It took me more than a month to come up with the review of this poetry anthology, which has a profound meaning. Samir Zaidi has indeed done a wonderful job in putting forth his real life experiences in form of poems. A wise man once said, “Life is about creating your balance not suppressing your good. And not suppressing your bad, for one cannot exist without the other… embrace them equally”. The poet has touched and reflected upon the intricacies of life. The mention of Khadijah and Rusalka adds to the flavor of the book.

Not to forget to mention about the quality of the book- the page quality is splendid but the font size is comparatively smaller. The cover of the book is apt and shady. The title of the book is subtle yet catchy. The artwork in the book acts like the cherry on the cake. The three circles of life, as categorized based on the sins committed, are worth knowing about and pondering. The poems fall into the category of free verse (to add- straight from the heart). The choice and usage of vocabulary is comprehensible.

Books that evoke the appetite to know more, to read more and to explore more are the best bets. This is one such book. The mention of Khadijah and Orpheus itself urged me to look for the words (honestly, I had never heard of them before). The depth associated with these names helped me relate to the poems. With the description of each circle, the readers may be forced to groan inwardly. The intensity of the emotional turmoil and the turn of events has been depicted in form of words and this has been done wonderfully.
This book is a ‘must-have-on-your-bookshelf’ piece as it gives you opportunity to look beyond the horizon and know more about hell.

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