October 19, 2015

AdviceAdda: a cut and dried solution to every problem!

“The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is- expecting otherwise and thinking that having a problem is a problem”.

Are you looking for an advice on your current relationship? Or are you suffering from any health problem and are hesitant to go to a doctor? Or are you between the horns of dilemma and are unable to choose the right path for your success? Or do you have a problem related to sex and are diffident in talking about it to anyone? Or are you facing any problem related to money, property, beauty, technology, and on and on? Then worry not, for the days of getting cold feet are over!

Presenting before you an online portal that has solutions for everything- AdviceAdda. The people behind this initiative are really on the ball because their panel of experts is not only efficient but also competent enough to deal with every kind of problem, quickly and intelligently. Unlike Quora or any other portal, where the suggestions are given by peers or fellow users (taking into account the fact that majority of answers are not given by professionals), here you can get authentic and FREE advice. Yes, you read it right- the advice is free.

The sedentary lifestyle, lack of social communication, lack of empathy and keeping-to-oneself attitude has forced the people to go up a blind alley. They refrain from disclosing their problems and eventually, with time, they realize that the problems become the bane of their lives. Especially the relationship problems and health issues, are preferred to be discussed behind the doors. But people at AdviceAdda believe that “good walls make good neighbors” and therefore their online portal can help the people to give the low-down about their problems, get a quick response (or solution) and still remain anonymous. Yes, again you read it right- you can ask a query without revealing your identity, keeping your problem under your hat.

But why would you trust my blog or my article, right? And this might even sound boring to you, isn’t it? Then why not try it out for yourself? Click here to get to the home page of the website and discover for yourself, whether or not is this website, a dab hand at solving problems.

Here are some striking features of this people’s aid:

v Easy and free registration
v Solutions at the drop of your hat- real quick and helpful
v Coverage of almost all the aspects/spheres of life- ranging from beauty, lifestyle, health, finance, business, education, career and so on
v More than 65 experts to analyse your problem and help you solve it
v Anonymous querying- reducing the chances of biting your tongue and giving you the opportunity to speak the truth without anyone knowing about you
v Not only does Advice Adda focus on solving the queries of the people, but it also contains a section where the experts put in their thoughts or rather (as I may call) expert opinions in form of articles that can relate to everyone and can come in handy too
v User friendly environment- it is a two-way process Either you can seek solution to your problem or you can join this venture as an expert and help others

All said and done, why wait and crib about your problems when the solution is just one click away? It is true that life is not a bed of roses and it is important to strive for breaking the back of the beast. Not everyone has the confidence to reach out and spill the beans- but yes everyone wants to speak about their problems to someone at least. So many times I have found myself in a situation that was equivalent to a can of worms and I could not think of a right way to get out of it. I used to run to mother for advice. But at times, when I was looking for some professional advice, all I could do was to ignore the problem and move on. But bearing the brunt of that unsolved problem was not easy. I am sure that this might have been the case with most of you. But like every cloud has a silver lining, AdviseAdda is one such silver line.

This is not a promotional activity or publicity stunt but a genuine article that can help you reach the crux of the matter and nip the problem in the bud itself.

So gear up people and spare few minutes to get to know what AdviceAdda is all about and batten down the hatches. 

Cherish life, love often and stay fit for a lot of problems in the world would disappear if we talk to each other instead of talking about each other!

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