July 02, 2014

Ten things to do before you die!

"Dreams are the touchstones of our character" ~ Henry David
Everybody dreams. Even if all of them cannot be fulfilled, at least you get to live the moment. I had read articles and also seen movies where people paint their wildest dreams in form of wish lists captioned as “Things to do before I die”. And, influenced by them, I also planned on certain to do check list items:
Now I am pretty sure no one can deny the fact that they love travelling and that they avoid the chances they get. Well, definitely I am not the one who misses such an opportunity.  Travelling and unveiling the beautiful mystery of the world is breathtaking.
A story is not always a concocted one. But most of the times, writers pen down their own experiences in form of a novel or a book. So here is the next wish- to write a book, on my life, which includes my personal life characters and all real life events. In the end it’s all about letting the world know your story in your very own words.
Face your biggest fear. In my case, it is acrophobia (fear of height) and so I would love to go sky diving. Sounds cool eh? Go for it. Try an extreme sport and overcome all your fears. Try scuba diving or paragliding, para sailing, rappling or rock climbing. Even skiing is fun.
Believe it or not, this one is a serious one. Helping the one in need is the biggest gift you can give to yourself while you are alive. Try reading some psychology or humanity related articles and you will start thinking in the same way. Be it by donating blood or in any other form, save someone’s life.
Get a tattoo done. Try a religious symbol, or your lover’s name or a quote or any random thing. Trust me you will love the new showoff.
This one might not be applicable for everybody as getting drunk is a habit these days. But for those who do not drink, just for once let the liquor intoxicate your body and make you feel lost in a different world.
Yeah lucky me as I know how to swim. For freshers, it is no big deal. Just step in the shallow end and enjoy the beauty. I have always wondered how it would be like to fall from a ship and then swim all the way back to the shore. I have also spent sleepless nights thinking about the life ending events that might occur. I might be eaten up by a shark or water might fill in my lungs or I might never reach the shore. But believe me or not, I have never prayed for this to happen to me.
Yeah! This one is my favorite. I have always dreamt of becoming a rock star, having my own band and singing to the crowd. If this cannot happen then at least I shall try my hand in karaoke for sure.
Love is a sublime feeling that makes you complete. Nothing can be more powerful than the power of love. So fall in love, live every bit of it and cherish the memories that you make. To add on to the fun, kiss your loved one, standing under the Eifel tower, in the city of love and romance.
And watch it grow. It will remind you of the years you have spent in this world and will also refresh all the memories associated with every passing year.

So start preparing your very own bucket list of things you should do or you want to do before you die and plan to execute each one of them.

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