July 01, 2014

Nail art at home!!

Beauty has no boundaries, and so here is the new colorful news! This is something random that I found and am sharing with all the ‘female’ readers.
Lovely ladies! Here is something really new and exciting for your nails. Gone are the days when you had to run to some nail art specialist.
Now you can design your nails at your beck and call. No more going to the market and spending money unnecessarily. Just follow these simple steps and get your nails ready for a little showoff:
  • Put on a base coat and let it dry
  • Apply vaseline on finger and cuticles (avoid nails). This avoids lacquer from sticking to your fingers
  • Fill a bowl with water and drip in color combination you want
  • Swirl with a toothpick and drip your fingertips
  • Soak for a minute and then take them out and allow excess water to dry
  • Now cover with a top coat
And with this little pampering and colorful experimentation, you get the new trendy outlook for your nails.
Another good news, with this method of nil art, you can throw away all your worries related to the design. Just a small pin pointed object like a matchstick or toothpick can be used to create design of your own choice.
For an instance, in a bowl pour few drops of bloody red nail paint in the center...let it spread a little. Then add daisy yellow in the center again...followed by green....and swirl around with a toothpick to create a design of your own.
Lately two methods have gained notice. One is the water marble method, as mentioned above, and the other is the toothpick method, wherein you do not need any water. It just involves putting a base coat on your nails, then wrapping tape on the surrounding areas of the nails and then putting drops of colors of your favourite nailpaints on your fingernail itself. With the toothpick take the color in the center towards outside and then make a design of your own. Let the abstract art dry. Apply final top coat to make the surface of the nail smooth and enjoy the new lively nails!
Designs for this nail art can be done using any prop. If you use toothbrush or a small brush and instead of dripping a drop of nail paint, you spray the paint on water, you will end up with a polka dot print on your nails.
Tie n dye nail art is gaining appreciation worldwide because of its quickness and variety. You don't even have to think about a design while applying. Just some random abstract nail art can make your day. Free from toxic chemicals, this is a revolutionary technology.
Be it a formal party or a casual gathering, just choose your preferable colors and drip in one by one...and all colors will be imprinted on your pretty long nails. Wow, isn't this amazing. So go, check out the market and buy all nail paints of your favourite colors and happy experimenting!!
Keep inventing and keep coloring!!

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  1. this is in no way a thing for me, yet i like the creativity. Good work.