April 02, 2018

Book Review: An Insider’s View of Emotional Traumas by Dinesh Kumar

An Insider’s View of Emotional Traumas
Author: Dinesh Kumar
Publisher: Body & Soul Books
                                     Rating: 2.5/5

Suffering from societal stigma is equivalent to swallowing a bitter pill and expecting the magic to happen. What is the social stigma, you may ask? It is the odium incurred by someone because of something ‘not normal’. Most people who suffer from a mental illness are looked down upon by everyone else and are denied the social respect and status in the society. Little does the society know that anyone can succumb to mental maladies!

An Insider’s View of Emotional Traumas’ is a self-help book that aims to guide and teach the counsellor, as well as the patient, the basics of treating a mental ailment. Using real-life case studies as a scaffold, the author describes the pros and the cons of the healing process. Unlike the diseases that can be cured by popping some pills inside and taking precautions, mental ailments need support and guidance from family and a counsellor. respectively. Treating a mental disorder is not a piece of cake. Thus, the author tries to guide the readers and make them realize that even the most benign symptoms can trigger a more consequential ailment.

Lucid and simple language are the plus points of this book. Even a non-professional can understand the case studies and act with spontaneity. The examples are good enough to explain the situation and the treatment (in terms of action to be taken) is logical. However, abundant typing errors and incorrect sentence structure might irk the readers. Secondly, the font size was too big and it felt like a desperate attempt to squeeze everything onto one page was made. Another factor that deducts the marks is the wishy-washy cover; it is too dull to draw any attention.

Overall, the book addresses some of the most common issues like ‘good touch, bad touch’, marital abuse, arm-twisting and harassment, and sexual problems. It leaves us with one learning for sure that these problems should not form the basis of our judgement.

Best wishes to the author!

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