March 27, 2018

Book Review: Ujjain by Steffen Horstmann

Poet: Steffen Horstmann
Publisher: Patridge Publishing India

Poetry is an art and the poet is a possessor of uncommon vision. With the success of the first book- Jalsaghar, that not only catered to the minds of the contemporary readers of Ghazals but also impressed the conventional audience, Steffen Hortsmann has now come up with yet another successful anthology of Ghazals- Ujjain. There are certain concepts and views of our society that cannot be expressed by mere words. However, Ghazals is one source where words idealize the reality and represent the things accordingly, thereby igniting the mind and enlightening it.

Like I mentioned in my review of ‘Jalsaghar’, ‘Ujjain’, too, is comprised of couplets that majorly possess a rhyme and a refrain. The beautiful amalgamation of Eastern and Western realities and the poet’s prowess to extract the clandestine miracles from the prosaic life are worth appreciation.

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