August 05, 2017

Book Review: From Ruskin Bond's Treasure Trove...

The Wise Parrot & The Elephant and the Cassowary
Author: Ruskin Bond
Publisher: Rupa Publishers

Writing is all about imagination and not merely about words. How beautifully one crafts the characters in a story and how intelligently the characters are assigned roles, determines the level of impact the story will leave on the readers. ‘Ruskin Bond’ is a famous name; the children love his stories. In fact adults too, like reading what he writes, for they can always find a chance to learn something new.

‘The Wise Parrot’ and ‘The Elephant and the Cassowary’ are the new releases by Rupa that retell the folklore in an attempt to recreate the magic. Who doesn’t love the tales from the past? And thus, the books don’t fail to leave an indelible impact on the readers.

The Wise Parrot: This book is a collection of 20 short stories that all of us would have heard at bedtime from our parents or grandparents. The most famous of them all is ‘The Wise Parrot’ in which a parrot brings the gift of immortality to the king but suffers at his hands. Some of the other famous stories include The Crane and the Crab, Sindbad the Sailor, Blue Beard, The Clicking Toad and Seven Brides for Seven Princes.

All the stories have the same characters and the plotline. Ruskin Bond’s narratives make them more appealing and it will give immense pleasure to the readers to read from the treasure trove and relive their childhood.

The Elephant and the Cassowary: This story book explores all about the animals in the wild as well as at home. It offers an amalgamation of ideas and the result is an interesting plot. The main story revolves around two animals that are mismatched and their journey of getting the better of one another. Some of the other stories include: The Pale One, Hunting with a Camera, The Eye of the Eagle and Toomai of the Elephants.

The book has been compiled and edited by Ruskin Bond is a good read. The language is simple to understand and the narration does not become monotonous at any point in time. The books are worth your time if getting lost in the world of animals and taking out time from your busy schedule to relive the childhood is your cup of tea.

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