July 21, 2017

Book Review: Demons in My Mind by Aashish Gupta

Demons in My Mind

Author: Aashish Gupta
Publisher: Notion Press
Rating: 3.5/5

For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one.
~Khalil Gibran

‘Demons in My Mind’ is a poignant tale of Dakshesh and his painful illness. The purpose of the story is not to entertain but to question the cult. There are numerous questions that are still unanswered: why is the world not a better place to live in? Should our mind be blamed for the sins we commit? Does repentance yield inner peace?

Starting with the cover, it is abstract and catchy. The title serves the purpose and matches the storyline. The blurb could have been better. No doubt the vocabulary is very good, yet the language might be a problem here. The type setting, font (size, style) and the overall layout are perfect.

Coming to the plot: The story is strong. The build-up of characters in a perfect chronological order is commendable. The character sketch is very balanced and they have been portrayed really well.

Dakshesh’s journey during the last few days of his life has been portrayed nicely. His quest to find solace in the teachings of the three monks is contrasted with the life stories of the three monks- the stories about how their life took a turn and transformed them from sinners to monks. That is something to look out for.

It is not necessary that every story ends on a happy note because every story does not originate in cloud cuckoo land! ‘Demons in My Mind’ is a different type of story that can make you jump out of your skin. The plot is gripping and the lucid narration acts like a cherry on the cake.

Overall, this is a strong, emotional and intelligent piece of fiction which will definitely touch your heart.

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