November 17, 2016

MOCKTALE: Ae Dil hai Mushkil- a Rip off!

MOCKTALE: Ae Dil Hai Mushkil- a rip off!

After having watched movies like Rockstar, Tamasha and Wake up Sid, one thing is clear that Ranbir’s prowess to select roles is cut above everything. But the release of the latest flick- Ae dil hai mushkil, has made me skeptical about the same. What was Ranbir thinking when he gave a big nod for playing Ayan’s role?

KJo, as he likes to be called, made a dog’s breakfast out of the lackluster storyline. The movie was released with the hope that the big star cast will swirl their magic wand and make it a blockbuster. Even though the business was good, the story failed to touch the heart or leave a lasting impact. With exemplary acting skills displayed by the leads, the entertainment quotient was bound to be high. But alas! The weak narrative spoiled it all. The desperate attempt to showcase the desperate desire to get love is mundane. KJo could have done a better job by not portraying Ranbir as a cry baby and not allowing too many cooks to spoil the broth.

But this is not all, for there are more reasons contributing to the rotten tomatoes. The love that KJo has for SRK, Alia and KJo (Kajol in this case) is reflected quite clearly. The roles played by Shahrukh and Alia are not even remotely related to the plot of the movie. Their inclusion in the star cast seems futile; KJo overshot the mark here. But probably the belief of getting a hit by introducing SRK in the picture, was too firm.

The direction is fairly done but the writing department made the Himalayan blunders. The story starts at a comfortable pace and the sweet moments between Anushka and Ranbir are definitely enjoyable. Lo and behold, enters Lisa Haydon as Ranbir’s girlfriend. No sooner does Ranbir meet Anushka, the clichéd break-up with Lisa Haydon happens and what comes next, is totally predictable. Ranbir (Ayan) spends quality time with Anushka (Alizeh) and falls head over heels in love with her. But does she reciprocate the feeling? Obviously, no! Don’t you all remember this movie is all about one-sided love? She friend-zones him.

But our boy is stubborn at heart. He does not give up; he continues to pursue his love interest. And yet again Alizeh friend-zones him. Blah…blah…blah…the story moves further and enter the very hot and smoldering Fawad Khan (Ali) and the audience starts having high hopes once again. But he stays on screen only for a total of 10 minutes (inclusive of all his scenes in the movie). I wonder why there was a ban on ADHM! Alizeh reunites with the long lost lover Ali and there comes the interval.

For a person who has failed in love, that too after being friend-zoned by his love, it seems impractical to strive yet again, and win the love back again. The level of melodrama in the movie is so high that it can make you lose your brains. And the worst part is that all the drama is done by Ranbir. ADHM is a movie in which women get nasty and men behave like cry babies. This is definitely a revolutionary move, isn’t it?

As if this was not enough, the entry of Aishwarya further adds to the tension. With seductive moves, ever-so-pouted lips and same expression throughout the film, she fails to strike the right chord with Ranbir. Their romance seems a total washout.

Another flaw in the story is the narcissistic behavior of the characters; all of them are so self obsessed that they only care about their own interests. The best example of this is when Ranbir imposes his love on Anushka and when Aishwarya rejects Ranbir because she doesn’t want to walk the same path of heart-break. How can we expect such characters to pull off a love story successfully? It seems that Johar wanted to portray solitude but instead what was there before the audience was the boredom that the characters faced. Meeting up with new partners was their way of escaping boredom but they all were probably so used to it that they landed back in square one.

I failed to understand why the characters in this movie were often shown drunk. It is not palatable to me that they made their important life choices when their state of mind was not right. The background scores of Kal ho na ho and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai further added to the clichéd storyline. The story did not seem original at all. Probably KJo was clueless as to how to end the movie and that is the reason the ‘Cancer concept’ was added in the movie. Even that part failed to evoke any emotional feelings.

All said and done, ADHM was a blend of Jab We Met, Two States and Kal Ho Na Ho. A complete rip off is what I would call it- waste of money.

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