October 09, 2016

Book Review: Love bi the way by Bhavna Arora


Author: Bhaavna Arora
Publisher: Penguin Publishers
Rating: 4.5/5

When it comes to societal issues like LGBT, child labour, excess service tax or women empowerment, there is always a voice in the wilderness. With the changed perception of accepting bisexual people as a part of our society, ‘Love bi the way’ is not only a bold reminder for people busy in wool-gathering, but is also a delightful read.

Zara and Rihana are more like soul-sisters; they are the leads who are different from each other. But opposites attract, don’t they? Rihana’s character is strong, bold and tangible. By tangible I mean the tangibility in her thoughts. And her beliefs, too, are flexible. Zara, on the other hand, is dyed in the wool. Her hale and hearty nature is something the readers can look forward to. Rihana is more like full of piss and vinegar. But both the ladies complement each other. The only trustworthy male in their lives is Tiger, their Labrador-golden Retriever- the man’s best friend. Both the characters have their good side as well as the dark side. The secrets of the past are kept under the hat by both the characters and when they feel ready to expose each other to the darkest reality of life, they discover a new pleasure and liberation.

The story of their lives moves at a comfortable pace; one will find it difficult to leave the book and go back to the salt mines. Words in this regard play a more important role. Words full of hot air would not have served the purpose, but Ms. Bhaavna chose a plot that comprises of small threads that directly reach out to the masses. The use of friendship as the building block of Zara and Rihana’s relationship is commendable. Impeccable narration, strong and clear characterization, good hold on the plot and a gripping story make this novella a bodice ripper. Nowhere did I miss the male dominance in the book.

The authoress won my heart right when I came across the very first idiom in the book. With flawless language and suitable word selection and vocabulary, the book is a good read. Yet again, Penguin outshines other publishers (I couldn’t refrain from mentioning this). However, I felt the title gave out too much information about the storyline. Along with the blurb, it was more like a blueprint of the life journey of Zara and Rihana. This could have been worked upon.

With a hopeful heart and satiated mind, I wish the authoress of ‘Love bi the way’ good luck.

This book is definitely worth all the time.

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