June 06, 2016

Book Review: In the Shadows of the death by Sourabh Mukherjee

In The Shadows Of Death

Author: Sourabh Mukherjee
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Rating: 3.5/5

Antoine Rivarol said,“ It is the dim haze of mystery that adds enchantment to pursuit.“

‘In the shadows of Death’ is a mysterious novella that tells the story of how twisted it is to solve the cases of murder. The book introduces the readers to a great detective of all times, Agni Mitra, who leaves no stone unturned in solving the cases and putting the culprits behind the bar.

The story begins with Sheetal Mehra’s murder and the investigation procedure follows next. When the grass seems greener on their side, the tables are turned as another murder happens and that baffles all in charge. For Agni Mehra, it is practically impossible to accomplish his goal in one fell swoop. But then, he can’t let go, can he? The story becomes fast paced when the murder keep on happening and the thread connecting all of them also connects the personal life of the detective. How does he plan his next action? What connection does he share with the killer?

 Read this novella to get the answers!

My opinion
“In the Shadows of the Death” is a fast paced mysterious story. The plot has all the ingredients that makes it a good pot boiler, in a chronological lineup. We are introduced to Agni, a meticulous detective, who is a whole bag of tricks and is known as a person who takes the bull by the horns. There are killings, there are clues there is some serious crime solving. The title of the book is catchy and dark. The cover could have been better. A cover with a single watermark (Excuse my unawareness for not knowing the exact word) and blend of pastel shades could have done the trick (probably). The blurb is precise and caters the intention of developing interest in reader’s minds. The space on the back cover has been utilized appropriately.

The font (style and size) is perfect. I would like to compliment Srishti Publishers for coming up with yet another successful title. The editing and proofreading has actually been looked into and that lifts the spirits of the readers. The story moves at a comfortable pace and the lucid language acts as a cherry on the cake. The use of vocabulary is exemplary, so much so, that at times I was forced to refer a dictionary. It was a great experience reading through the book.

The author has taken care and avoided any lengthy monologues and extensive descriptions. However, at times the flow of the story was interrupted because of certain scenes which I found unnecessary.

Overall, a good read! A light read for all the mystery lovers.

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