November 17, 2015

Types of people you meet during Diwali shopping

By October, the Diwali virus is already in our systems. It takes less than a month, for the virus to multiply and show its true colors and that’s when the desire to shop and buy the whole market, is evoked. But I personally think that shopping in metropolitan cities is altogether a different experience as compared to the shopping done in smaller cities. Don’t you agree?

For an instance, if you roam in the streets of Delhi, the Delhites won’t miss a single chance to show-off their composed self. But that does not happen in the cities like Lucknow or Bareilly. Here, three days before the D-day, the traffic is stopped and only pedestrians are allowed in the main market area. Also, every corner of the city is lit up so brightly that even the sun might think twice of showing up the next day. But people here, reside in fool’s paradise, for the electricity cut off is the major problem. And once the electricity bids goodbye, without prior notice, the whole city turns pitch black for few seconds.

Anyhow, the enthusiasm of people is not interrupted even then, for you can spot millions of people walking up and down the road (God knows for what!). This Diwali, during my shopping spree, while my mother was busy buying the necessary essentials for the ‘Pooja’, I focussed my sincere attention on the types of people that can be found on such occasion. Here goes the list:

The side-kick aunty: This lady has a persistent problem with her leg. If she stops at any shop and if you happen to stand next to her, then beware, for (intentionally or unintentionally) her leg will move up and kick you. If you think you can push her back, then I am sorry, you can’t because you lack the skills.

The fake accent girl:Bhaiya yeh kitthe ka hai”, “Bhaiya main especially Delhi se aayi hu ye lene”, etc- If you hear these lines from someone standing close by, don’t waste your time in stretching your neck and trying to have a look at the ‘smart face’ because this is the one, the one with the fake accent, who can go any limits to bend over backwards and end up with the best bargain.

The aimless walkers: This category of people can be seen walking in front of you, at a speed which will definitely indicate that they have some very important business. But you are made to jump out of your skin, when, while returning on the same or different road, you can spot the same group, walking faster than you (probably tending to some other business). Eventually, after spotting them for one more time you realize that they just prefer going for a night walk rather than the morning one!

The wildchild: This child has a packet of ‘aalubum’ in his pocket and the sudden adrenaline rush forces him to burst that bomb every now and then, irrespective of the surroundings or the people walking close by.

The push-everybody aunty: This lady never misses any chance to push aside the people around and be the first one in everything. It seems like there is a Rugby match going on and she is the hooker (don’t get me wrong, I am referring to the forward in Rugby) wanting to defeat everyone who comes in her way.

This is definitely not it. You can find more types of people but still the celebration of the festivities would be incomplete without this fun, right?

If you have met weird people too, then share in the comments!

Happy reading!

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