June 23, 2015

Book Review: Dear Mom...with Love

Dear mom…with love
Editors: Smita Salins and Shalini Samuel
Publisher: Shlok Publishers
Rating: 2.5/5

“Dear Mom…with Love” is a heart melting dedication to all the mothers. It is an anthology that includes poems, short stories and memoirs. The content of the book has different flavours and different perspectives, all blending together into an entertaining read!

My opinion
The overall concept of the book is nice. The cover is catchy and the title also suits the purpose.

A tribute by Aashisha Chakraborty: A well crafted poem, with every line perfectly relating to the life of every child.

A definition of pure love by Arjun Bhattacharyya: This memoir on motherhood and its essence, is perfectly cut and dried. The author has made a good effort in voicing out his perspective on mother’s love.

For Mom and Dad by Gaurav Somawanshi: The best part of this poem is the dedication to both, mother and father. How the childhood of every child is influenced by his/her parents, what role do the parents play and how much do they mean to the children, all these questions have been answered through this poem.

‘O’ Mom by Gurdeep Singh Kohli: ‘O’ Mom depicts the emotions and psychological state of a child, who is down in the dumps because his mother has left him. Overall, a heart touching piece.

Being Mom by Kamal Jain: Yet again a marvelous feat in form of poetry.

Making me “me” by Medha Sarkar: Mothers are a dab hand at everything, be it giving love or sacrificing themselves for their children. This is one such story of a mother who gives her daughter, the most precious gift- a new life. A soul stirring tale indeed!

Thank you mom by Meenu Yadav: Lucid emotions, clear cut presentation and emotional word flow- good effort by the author.

The silver lining of love by Neeti Banga: Love cannot be understood. It may cause pain at one time and can make you feel elated, the other time. The plot of the story, although predictable, successfully manages to hold the attention of the readers till the very end.

Because I am special by Neha Ghosh: Being disabled does not mean that the most important pleasures of life will be taken away from you. It is the belief in self and the support of your parents that does the trick. Riddhima is one such person, who loves life only till the realization, of her being disabled visually, stays away from her sub conscious mind. How she manages to get back her confidence and how she starts living afresh, the answers lie within this story. Good effort!

Like mother, like daughter by Neha Lalwani: The blurb of the story, “The moment a baby is born, the mother is born too”, is self explanatory. A rattling good read!

Unravelled family by Preet Kaur: The irony of life is that it takes sadness to know happiness, noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence. This tale describes the emotional turmoil in a young girl, who lost her mother and when she tried to find love in her father, he turned down all her hopes and forced her to leave behind all the memories and walk past. Nicely written.

This is for you mom by Rachna Iyer: A nicely written poem- short but so heart touching.

My parents are my God by Renu Yadav: I found this tale the most appealing one. The story runs on a different track and the climax acts as an icing on the cake. The diversion from the general norm of praying for a male child, grabbed my attention. Good read!

I proudly call her mother by Sabi Shaikh: The lyrical combo and the rhythmic word flow gives this poem strength to reach out to audience. Yet another marvelous feat!

Mom, I lived my life in you by San Soans: A different approach and perfect amalgamation of emotions of an unborn child.

Guardian Angel by Shalini Samuel: The use of words and vocabulary is alluring.

‘O’ Mother by Sumeet Gulabani: Good effort by the poet!

The book lacks proofreading and there are several editing mistakes. The titles of the entries are different in the content section and different on the specific page numbers. The grammatical errors are frequent.

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