September 13, 2014


Like the speechless fallen petals in autumn
My words are never enough
For anyone, for everyone
My identity is drunk into an oblivion

I feel the numbnesss in my life
The “gap” that stands between me and the world
It grows and increases by leaps and bounds
Leaving me in my own solitude

With the charm and glow of happiness
I walk everyday with a painted-on smile
No one cares, no one dares
Leaving me in the bushes, that pretend to scare.

I stand strong, I stand confident
But I also fall weak at the knees
For when the tide rises a little too high
It seems to kiss the sky
But when the tide falls,
 it vanishes into the thin air

I feel sad, I feel alone
With no one to decipher
Gradually falling into the limbo
Hoping against hope to be rescued.


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