August 15, 2014

CHARTBUSTERS…the ones that will definitely blow off your mind!

Life without music is life without soul. Everybody has this bucket list of some rocking and sensational songs in their phones, iPods and other daily gadgets. Here is my bucket list:
1.      Hips don’t lie (Bamboo remix)- SHAKIRA
This one is truly a great song for tapping your foot. The original song is good but this FIFA version is the best. I personally feel like singing to the crowd and dancing to the rhythm.
2.  Alive (Original mix)- Empire of the sun
Yet again, a great composition by EOS. My suggestion: watch the video and then add to your bucket list. The way these band members dress up and perform is quite scenic.
3.      Loca- SHAKIRA
If you are crazy, then you will definitely like it (loca loca loca).
With mesmerizing music and sensational belly dancing beats, this one fits the third position..
4.      International Love- PITBULL Feat Chris Brown
Well, this one is the best of Pitbull and Chris Brown. Adorned with hip hop beats and some real music, it will definitely suit your ears.
5.      Colors (Captain cuts remix)- GROUPLOVE
Want to add some colors in the playlist, then this is the best choice. The voice, the music and the fast track lyrics…a perfect combination and a superb track overall.
6.      Feel so close- Calvin Harris
I heard this song for the first time in one of the episodes of “Vampire Diaries” and I became a fan instantly. I have no words to describe the beats and rhythm… so give it a try.
7.      Ketchup song- Las Ketchup
If you are a 1990’s kid, then you should remember this song. How we used to imitate the dance moves and used to sing in Spanish (though I never really was able to pronounce the words correctly). Amazing song again.
8.      Tic Tic Tac –Dancing to the stars
By the name, I guess, most of you must be confused as to which song this is. Remember “bachi bachi o tambor”? During the good old school days, this was the most common song on which the little kids performed.
9.      Tik Tok- Kesha
A happening song with superb lyrics. Probably every girl should listen to this and dance to the tune.
10.  Sexy Chick- David Guetta
OMG! Listen to this number for sure and you will realize the strength of music it contains. The dance floor shall break. The crowd shall go wild. After all it’s David Guetta.

So here is my bucket list. Plug in your earphones and listen to these numbers. I know our choices will vary so if you have other better options, do comment.

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