May 15, 2014

RELATIONSHIPS : From Frying Pan Into The Fire!

Current scenario regarding the relationships is severed. One can find every other person talking ill about his/her relatives or friends or loved ones. The underlying truth about this is that the yearn for money, has overridden the feeling of consideration, respect or love. Becoming rich is the new cool and people can go to all the bitter ends to get the money. Nowadays maintaining relationships is not a piece of cake. It requires lot of patience, adjustments and loyalty towards each other, but people cannot afford to waste their time on all this. Recently I read somewhere, 'Relationships are harder now because conversations becomes texting, argument becomes phone calls, & feelings become statuses and tweets', and realized that it is actually true for all of us. If you take out few minutes from your busy schedule and ponder upon how well you have been managing your relationships so far, I am pretty sure you will find something lagging.

It is becoming more and more difficult to identify the real relationships.
Another factor, which according to me is aiding the increasing distance between relationships, is the continuous interference. Everybody owns their privacy and it is very valuable. But invasion into the private zone often becomes the cause of the conflict. The most common one line people often target at others is,' Get your daughter married now, she's becoming older'. I mean come on people, the moment the girl completes her studies, you start poking her parents to marry her away. The reason why such comments are passed is still unknown to me, but I guess it is just a way to demotivate or add in to the problem bucket.

My personal experience has itself been really bad in this regard. All the relatives are more worried about what is happening in my life rather than worrying about their daughter's affair or their son's bad grades. There are numerous other examples which I can quote to prove my point. This problem is not just limited to the family ties but extends to the simpler and temporary relationships we form with our colleagues, neighbours and friends. The other day, while walking my dog, I met my neighbour. To my shock, instead of starting with small talks, he directly jumped on to the question of when am I planning to get married. In a split of a second, I responded by saying  that it was not an issue that he should be worried about and started walking past him. Deep within I felt like slapping him right on the face. Like me, I am sure most of you must have dealt with such situations at some point of your lives.                                                                          

My Take: Even though I cannot poke others for puncturing holes into my privacy, yet I can manage to change my attitude and aim at letting others live their lives in peace. It is need of the hour to allow people to breathe in and enjoy their space. Intruding into their lives will only ruin the healthy relationship.

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